LocalRES solutions will be showcased in replicability workshops to trigger the creation of new RECs across EU, and lessons learnt during the demonstration actions will be used for the recommendations.


LocalRES develops and demonstrates digital tools (a planning tool and a control-based Multi-Energy Virtual Power Plant) to enhance the creation and the management of Renewable Energy Communities (RECs) based on a participatory approach, thereby involving the whole socio-technological energy system value chain.


LocalRES solutions will support the acceleration of the local energy transition and decarbonisation of local energy systems, which will contribute to reducing the environmental impact of the energy sector.

Market Transformation

LocalRES will set a proper framework for the creation of energy markets, which will enable prosumers to trade energy volumes within local communities.

Policy recommendations and lessons learnt

Following the new Clean Energy Package (2018), LocalRES envisions a new and completely decentralized energy system where electricity, H&C and mobility will become increasingly interconnected. In a truly complementary approach, LocalRES will contribute to integrate the EU top-down energy and climate policy mechanisms with a bottom-up approach that aims to promote decarbonisation of the local energy system.