EU energy policy aims to deliver energy to consumers at affordable prices, enhance security of supply, and decarbonise the energy sector. According to the new Clean Energy Package (2018) consumers shall be entitled to have an active role in the EU energy system, leveraging on the possibilities offered by renewable energy.

EU has set a target to reach a share of at least 27% renewables in final energy consumption by 2030, with half of the electricity coming from renewable energy sources (RES), while the electricity should be 100% carbon-free by 2050. To achieve these objectives, most of this new RES capacity will continue to be deployed on the customer premises at local level, while a fully market-integration should be ensured to meet affordable energy prices.

The focus of LocalRES is on Renewable Energy Communities (RECs) as main actors to lead the structural change towards the decarbonisation of the local energy systems through the involvement and awareness-raising of citizens and communities.


LocalRES will develop a planning tool oriented to enable citizen participation in the REC planning decision-making processes, and a Multi-Energy Virtual Power Plant (MEVPP) approach to optimize in real time different energy vectors and different energy and flexibility services provided by the REC according to their community preferences.

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