Decarbonisation scenario assessment: Kökar – LocalRES was at EEM23!

On the 6th of June, Nicolas Pardo García from AIT presented LocalRES at the European Energy Market 2023 Conference –  a space dedicated to the energy market, with approaches and solutions related to energy modelling, market design, regulatory policies and other topics, with a strong focus on the upcoming changes to the sector in the long and short term.

The presentation focused on presenting future energy and decarbonisation scenarios of the municipality of Kökar Island under the LocalRES project. 

The main conclusions of this scenarios were:

– Wind electricity production is best source to achieve the decarbonisation target. 

– Electric batteries are not required due the high capacity of the transmission line that allows to trade with the mainland to balance the electric system. 

– DSM and smart charging of EVs have low impact.

– Electricity trading between the island and the mainland via the transmission line is fundamental, there is a need to increase its capacity in case the island wants to achieve energy balance and transport.

– The use of hydrogen-powered ferries and the need of an electrolyser in the island implies of a sevenfold increase of the local electricity demand, with the subsequent increase in the installed wind capacity to achieve the energy balance. This makes it so that the transmission line capacity cannot absorb all the electricity production surplus generating curtailments.

– Transport electrification and local renewable electricity production to achieve electricity balance allows high levels of decarbonisation.

The questions and discussion were focused mainly on the impact of the increase of the electricity demand for transport decarbonisation – e-boats mainly, the use of hydrogen-powered ferries and the possible solution of supplying this electricity with variable renewable energy sources.