LocalRES participated in a joint session with ACCEPT and other inspiring projects!

A great number of projects and initiatives working on energy communities have joined the adventure of empowering local actors for the energy transition; it is exciting to witness how this number keeps growing every day. EU-funded, national and local projects are weaving their own narratives, sharing experiences and lessons learnt is always an inspiring exercise to keep advancing.

On January 25th, LocalRES had the privilege to take part of a new session with other active projects and initiatives in ACCEPT‘s project meeting, this time with a special focus on engagement experiences within energy communities. Alongside LocalRES and after a quick overview,  the ACCEPT, COMMUNITAS, Greek coop, InCUBE, ReDREAM and GINNGER projects highlighted relevant outcomes and lessons learnt from their activities, including key challenges and barriers, such as financial mechanisms or administrative procedures.

Once again, the relevance of citizen engagement emerged as a pilar to the projects, a recurring conclusion in these sessions. The need to place citizens at the forefront of our efforts cannot be overstated. 

At LocalRES, we had the pleasure of sharing our achievements and key lessons learnt thus far, showcasing successful experiences in energy community projects through the example of Ollersdorf, our Austrian pilot.

The municipality has hit the formula after nearly a decade of hard work: inspiration + demonstration + implementation + communication + participation = success.