LocalRES was at IEWT23: Ollersdorf study case

On the 17th of February, Nicolás Pardo García from the AIT delivered a presentation on the future energy and decarbonisation scenarios of the municipality of Ollersdorf under the LocalRES project at IEWT 2023

The main conclusions of this scenarios were:

 The combination of PV and wind production is fundamental to achieve full electrification of the heating and transport sectors. However, under this situation, transmission line capacity is not large enough to absorb all the electricity surplus production, resulting in curtailment of PV and wind production, reducing the electricity exports. 

 Protection against blackout events implies a need for a massive increase of electric batteries. However, this supplementary capacity of electric batteries allows increasing the electricity balance and a more effective exchange with the national grid. 

 Charging of EVs produces a saw-tooth in the overall electricity consumption profile. These peaks can be very intensive when a high number of EVs are connected to the grid. 

 All the assessed scenarios present a clear reduction of CO2 emissions when compared to the base year. Full decarbonisation will be possible only if the municipality achieves full electrification of the energy system.


The presentation was well received and was followed by an animated discussion on how local resources and flexibility measures (such as blackout prevention) that will support energy and decarbonisation 2030 targets and the possibility of the LocalRES’ outcomes transferring to Austrian energy communities.