Ollersdorf: Eco Energy Park and engaging the community!

The Energy community of Ollersdorf is comprised by 41 participants and is the first energy community legally constituted in Austria.

It follows a regular meeting schedule – they are held about once a month and double as informational evenings. These meetings field questions from current and prospective members about current developments and plans for the future. The latest meeting was held on the 19th of October, attended by Mayor Bernd Strobl and DI Michael Niederkofler from Energie-Kompass.

Eco Energy Park and deployment of local tools

The municipality has installed an “Eco Energy Park”, managed by Energie Kompass. It showcases renewable energy equipment (PV panels, energy storage options) to interested citizens. Visits to this park are heavily encouraged and routinely offered.

It features a community info system with updates on LocalRES and the energy community, such as grid stability and blackout reserve.

There is currently not enough flexibility and storage capacity in the system, but local level tools will be deployed in about a month’s time. We look forward to seeing how this progresses!