The 2023 General Assembly of the BRIDGE initiative is approaching!

From the 28th to the 30th of March 2023, the yearly General Assembly of the European Commission initiative BRIDGE will take place in a hybrid format.

BRIDGE is an initiative that unites Horizon 2020 Smart Grid, Energy Storage, Islands, and Digitalisation Projects to get a structured view of cross-cutting issues for projects that may constitute an obstacle to innovation.  As a Horizon 2020 project focused on Energy Communities and addressing Digitalisation, Smart Grids and Energy Islands, LocalRES i part of the initiative and will join the event.

The BRIDGE process fosters continuous knowledge sharing amongst projects thus allowing them to deliver conclusions and recommendations about the future exploitation of the project results, with a single voice, through four different Working Groups representing the main areas of interest:

1. Data management

2. Business model

3. Regulations

4. Consumer and citizen engagement

Stay tuned to know more about the results of the discussions!