The mission to build 4 Renewable Energy Communities goes on!

In October 2022, the LocalRES team visited one of the four project demo-sites, in Austria, where the municipality of Ollersdorf is committed in the development of a Renewable Energy Community (REC). Ollersdorf is located in the South-East of Austria and has a population of about 1,000 inhabitants. 200 of them are already part of several activities to further increase the integration of Renewable Energy Sources.

The area is mostly agricultural in terms of economic activity, with no industries settled there. The LocalRES project has the ambitious mission to build four Renewable Energy Communities in Ollersdorf (Austria), Åland (Finland), Berchidda (Italy) and Ispaster (Spain)!

The energy transition process is taking off at the local level, also thanks thanks to a fruitful exchange and sharing of key information and practices among the 4 involved pilot sites. Specifically, the municipality of Ollersdorf is on its way to becoming an energy island.

The municipality showed its progress in the creation of a Renewable Energy Community sharing challenges and achievements. “The community is ready to start, we are proud to be one of the first REC in Austria” stated Mr. Bernd Strobl, the Mayor of Ollersdorf.